Way to prepare for examination for gain best grade

Exams might get very challenging and pressurizing for students. At their age, they do not find right methods to utilize their energy in preparing for examination. Therefore, they require constant assistance of their parents, teachers and elder ones to gain best grades. Here are some of the tips, which students can follow to cut down the stress and increase their productivity during examination time.

Staying motivated:

Staying motivated
The tendency of feeling demotivated is very common during the examination. Therefore, the students should be prepared in such a manner that they stay motivated and do not lose confidence.
Schools often plan special motivational sessions for the students in order to boost their willpower and make them strong against the phobia of examination. As per child psychologists, most of the students cannot perform well during half yearly or annual exams just because they are too afraid of the term examination. It is their phobia, which doesn’t let them grow. Therefore, school management needs to be aware of these issues faced by students and suitable measures should be taken in time to avoid any massive troubles.

Deal with stress:

helps kids deal with stress
The first thing to do during exams is keep your mind clean. There should not be any room for stress. Breathing exercises, playing outdoor games for a while and watching entertainment programs for a specific time period helps the students to get their brain drained out and start afresh with their learning and revision.

Studying in systematic manner:

Studying in systematic manner
The best way to study is make a time table according to the learning capability and syllabus remaining of the student. Also, the student need to be sure about the subject he/she can cover in comparatively less time. The idea is to follow a systematic time table and utilize time in covering the syllabus intelligently.

Covering the difficult subjects with special attention:

Covering the difficult subjects with special attention
There is a common tendency in students that they avoid studying the subjects, which they are not good in. They keep it for studying at the last moment, which is not good thing to do. Rather the approach should be to complete the difficult part first so that a lot of stressed is removed from your brain and hence it can function in better ways.

Revision is must:

Revision is must
Plan your study time table in such a manner that ample time is allotted to revision. Whatever you learn requires complete revision to stay in your mind for a longer period of time. The concept is simple, everything you learn for the first time stays in your primary memory, which is temporary. To make it permanently engraved in your brain, you need to shift it to secondary memory and revision is the key to do this.

It has been proved by studies that students that follow this procedure then there are very less chances for them to face any negative performance experiences during the examination and their results will also be impressive. Examinations should be turned as a fun event for the students so that they can bring the best of their efforts.

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Best Way Motivate Your Children Going to school


http://www.rishischool.com/Going to school on regular basis is a habit, which obviously doesn’t develop in one day. Parents need to keep their kids motivated and positive towards going to school. Therefore, experts from education industry suggest that parents play most crucial role in making their kids go to school and enjoy this phase. Here are some of the most interesting suggestions, which help the parents to deal with the challenges, while they prepare their kids to go to school.

Choose a very good school:

Students need to spend at least eight to ten hours of their day in school. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have selected a really nice school for them. Ranging from the academic facilities to security of students and transportation facilities to extracurricular activities, everything should be prime concern of the school management. Being a part of really advanced school will motivate your kids to attend classes on regular basis, happily.

Talk about their experiences in the school, everyday:

However, you have multiple other things to deal with but finding time for your child should remain your utmost priority. When you try and take out some time to sit with your kids and discuss about their day in the school and share your experiences of school days, they will feel more interested in going to school.

Always attend parents-teacher meetings:
Because of the highly busy schedule and hectic pace of life, parents these days have not been able to make it to parents-teacher meetings. This is not a good sign as your absence on the special day might hamper the interest level of your kid in going to school. You should always manage your life in such a manner that you do not destroy motivation level of your child.

Motivate your kids to participate in sports and extracurricular activities:

https://www.google.com/+RishiPublicSchoolGurgaonSometimes, sitting in the class, staring at the black board or flipping the pages of books might not be the motivation for your child to go to school. They need something advanced to feel boosted up for going to school. If you inspire them to take part in any of the extracurricular activity or sign up for their favorite sports then they would feel more interested in going to school and perform well in their academics too.

Never bribe them with money:

The easiest method to deal with any problem is paying some money; same applies on the situation of motivating kids to go to school. Often people select this easiest method, where they have to pay a certain amount of pocket money to their kids so that they can happily go to school. But, it is actually bribing your kids and making them dependent on the amount they get every day for feeling motivated. Motivation should come from within and therefore, being a parent you are avoided to use money as the prime source of motivation for your children. This method will harm them in the long run, which you would not want to happen.

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Play School Major activities for Kid’s


A robust and solid building needs an equally strong base same is the case for your kid’s educational career. For a good educational field it is vital to give your little ones a sound and dynamic system of preschool education.
Playschool education renders exclusive foundation teachings of early education to all the kids who are in the age groups of two and a half to six years. This period is said to be the most crucial in every child’s life. As good base is the pillar of successful career. Schooling at preschool provides fulfill the overall needs of the children at this age viz. physical, emotional, social and psychological developments of the child.

The major activities kid’s learn in the playschool are:

Kids are taught about the different colors around them. The playschool arranges small activities to relate the kids easily. Like toddlers will be asked to wear a particular color dress or will be asked to bring particular color toy.

Flavors of emotions sad, happy, sorrow are taught to the kids. A picture of smiles showcasing these emotions are normally showed to the kids so that they can get to known various shades of feelings easily.

Information of fruits, animals and birds are taught by showing the pictures of small movies pertaining to the aforesaid theme.

Transportation information is imparted to the kids. They are given basic ideas of various medium of transport like land, water and air. Kids may be asked to bring their toy cars or any vehicle toy so that they get to know the aspect easily.

Numbers and alphabets are taught using rhymes and pictures:

Nursery rhymes are taught. Kids enjoy singing and dancing so lot of basic things can be taught keeping nursery rhymes as the base say for e.g. Popular rhyme Chubby cheeks and Dimple chin teaches the kids about various parts of the face.

Professions of various people are introduced viz. doctors, teachers etc. Kids are asked to dress like any profession of their choice so that they get brief idea of various professions.

Various sports activities using balls, sticks are conducted to enable the physical development of the kids and make them active and energetic.

Kids at this age find difficult in holding pencils right so playschools provide blocks games and other building games which provides perfect grip to the kids and to enhance the creativity aspect of the child.

Introduction of oneself is taught in the playschool where the child learns to introduce himself/herself by rightly mentioning the name, mother and father’s name and the age.

It also teaches the kids table manners. This educates the kids to eat their food all be themselves.

Playschool in fact prepares the kid for the board school. It strengthen the root of the child by teaching the basic activities that prepares your child well for the future competitions of any type.

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How do Balance Virtue for Every Student.

  1. Be open for discussion with your child

    The beginning phase of school is very challenging for every child. Therefore, being a parent, it is your prime responsibility to be open for every discussion with your kids. Always try to counsel them and try to understand their point of view, which helps them to form a positive attitude towards schooling.

  2. Share interesting things with your kids about schoolsVijaya Dashami Student Act
    Often kids go through a phase of dilemma when they start schooling for the first time. They are apprehensive and kind of resistant towards the idea of going to school daily. It is a battle for them to stay away from their home and parents for a long period of time. Hence, you need to make sure that your kids are informed about all the interesting things and fun activities they can explore during their school life to transform their belief towards positivist.

  3. Try to make their school homework interesting with your help

    Most of the kids feel negative about school because they need to deal with the burden of school homework every day. It has been proven by studies that parents, who spend time with their kids in daily homework activities, contribute towards development of children interest in getting regular with school.

  4. Celebrate even smallest of the achievements of your kids

    These days, schools organize several types of activities, events and competition in order to offer platform to the students, where they can learn effectively. During these competitions, you should always stand as motivating pillar by your child’s side and help them to achieve remarkably. Also, when you celebrate their smallest of achievements, it helps them to build faith in their abilities.

  5. Meet frequently with teachers of your child

    Your meeting with the teachers of your child helps you to keep a track of growth and improvement in your son or daughter’s performance. It also creates a positive impression your kids and encourages them to perform better in routine activities during the school.
  6. Motivate your child to read more booksrishi-school-campus
    Motivation is the key for humankind to achieve wonderful results in their endeavors. You should be focused to provide a strong motivation support to your kids since childhood. If they are successful in building the habit of staying self-motivated since school days, then nothing can stop them to achieve big in their lives.

  7. Don’t put performance pressure on your child

    Mostly, parents make this mistake of putting performance pressure on their children. It is quite obvious for every mother or father to expect excellent performance from their son or daughter but patience is the key to witness ground breaking results. Therefore, child psychologists suggest the parents to stay patient and calm to improve performance level of their kids.

  8. Encourage your child to be balanced students

    Balance is virtue for every student. Therefore, parents should not only be inclined towards one particular aspect of schooling. You should encourage your kids to take part in extracurricular activities, sports and co-curricular activities apart from academic performance. This will build up their entire performance in advanced manner.

  9. Understand child psychology

    The most common mistake made by elder people is that they consider children psychology same as theirs. But, this is not the truth because children are tend to think in different ways that grown-ups. They are more creative and their brains are fertile. Therefore, they should be treated smartly to ensure a systematic growth.
  10. Be patient

    Being a responsible parent, your key task is to interact with your children on daily basis and put your efforts to build positive image for schooling in their mind. You should focus on achieving the situation, where your kids start loving school and understand its importance. But, it is important that you stay patient throughout the process.

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You Should Admit Your Kids in Play School or Not


The answer to this question is a yes for sure. But you would surely want to know the reason that how exactly pre schooling aka play group education is helpful for your kids. There are several points, which explain this query in detail. In today’s technically advanced world, the education setup is changing and evolving with advanced pace.
index3Parents need to make sure that their kids are trained to walk with the latest education trend. And, the first step of this advanced training is a brilliant play school education. These days, preschools have become the first pavement, which helps every child to find a well-constructed path towards holistic learning and development.

Here are some of the Highlighted Benefits that come Integrated with Play group Schooling:

1 Children are more confident

2 Play group students are able to enhance fertility of their brains

3 They feel comfortable in social interaction

4 They learn a lot while playing and enjoying

5 They are introduced to interesting methods of learning

6 Students in play group are trained for life science training

7 Play group students are trained for behavioral training

8 Play schools prepare children to perform better in elementary school

9 It helps in overall intellectual development of students

In Quality Oriented Play Schools, students are exposed to interactive and interesting learning procedures. During their tenure in the preschool, they get to learn reading, speaking, tactics of social interaction and behavioral manners. These are the values, which are going to be associated with a child for a lifetime. Hence, building a strong foundation is very important for you to make sure that your child becomes a responsible citizen of the country.

The leading play schooling brands offer best in class day boarding and day care facilities to the children. You can rely on such renowned schools to get best education for your kids and secure their future.

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Welcome to Rishi Public School Gurgaon


rishi-public-school-gurgaonSchool is the perfect platform where your children get unlimited knowledge, learn good manners and inculcate discipline and they groom themselves under the guidance and learning of teachers.

As any parent you want your kid to get the best education and innovative facilities so that he/she can stand ahead in the current cut throat competition of today. Rishi Public School, an ICSE school of Gurgaon is one such school where your search for best and top school ends and an experience of seeing your child grooming into a well mannered and disciplined individual and gaining unlimited knowledge begins.

Managed by Swaran Devi Foundation, Indraprastha, the school has adopted ICSE syllabus which delivers balanced education, pressure free and syllabus that explains the core concepts easily , innovative methods of explaining these concepts and  user friendly language so that students are clear with each and every concepts from the very beginning.

The school apart from imparting best scholastic education, it also has equal weight to co-scholastic activities like sports, dance, art, stage etc. All these activities have been taught by expert professional in respective fields. In other words this school contributes to complete overall development of your child.

The school has best infrastructural facilities, well spacious class rooms with proper ventilation and greenery, spic and span environment and other facilities like well maintained computer lab, science lab, well stocked library and robust safety measures. The school also has 5 school buses that have trained and experienced drivers.

The school also has taken up social commitments and responsibilities and has extended its helping hand by contributing to the betterment of visually challenged students and also contributing towards natural calamities and other charities.

Rishi Pubic School is the place where knowledge and discipline meet together to transform your child into well mannered and intellectual human being.

Why Gurgaon Schools Rank among Topmost Schools in India?


School is foundation as it not only educates the child but empowers them with confidence and knowledge to stand strong in the society. School is the place, where people learn to dream and get aware of their inner talent and skills. Therefore, parents are always enthusiastic towards primary education of their kids. They want this foundation to go stronger and help their children walk towards a brighter future. Pre-school, primary school, middle school and high school education are four most important phases, which a child needs to undergo in order to become confident, learned and skilled personnel. Well educated people these days are making ways towards remarkable careers and setting up an example in front of the entire world.


Students at the age of 18 are emerging as world renowned entrepreneur and presenting an all new definition of excellence and advancement. Gurgaon has grown in education field within last one decade. Development of infrastructure and corporate culture in the cosmopolitan has led the education sector to groom its presence. Investment by leading education entrepreneurs in this field is all set to establish exemplar of advanced and creative education. There are best school in Gurgaon, which cater world class education on preschool, middle school and senior secondary schools. Specialized streams of science, commerce and humanities are offered to the students, enabling them to choose their area of interest in receiving education.

This has helped the students to explore their inherent talent and boost it up with knowledge; as a result they are able to form a successful career path. Schools of Gurgaon city are always enthusiastic to attempt advancement in every possible manner. They are open for new ideas and welcome innovation in terms of technology, education development and school management. Such solutions have created a streamlined growth process, which is constantly engaged in empowering the modern youth to grow ahead. Once you admit your child in such a school, where curricular and extracurricular activities are put together in smart manner to develop brain and personality on the whole. Books are a huge source of education but at the beginning only trained and intelligent teachers can help the kids learn better.

They also teach the students to have a grand knowledge of exploring their skills and solving the issues. Play School in Gurgaon like Rishi School is one of the examples of best schools in Gurgaon. Schools that take focus on holistic approach and progress towards overall growth and grooming of the students are likely to create positive contribution towards the society. Good School in Gurgaon  are walking on this path and they are sincerely contributing to development of the society and offering global scale education to the students. This signifies that Indian education system has a bright future ahead and students have the path ready, through which they can achieve their dreams.